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For now a quick update…think of this as the speed-dating version of blogging with 12 things in 12 minutes to cover the last 12 weeks (!!! I owe a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported the November Project Fundraiser.

Dating antique milk bottles

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Glass was first blown in the Mideast two thousand years ago but attention to collecting has only been around for about the past century.

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A hot piece of glass was applied to the neck and then hand tooled to the proper shape.Throughout this site you’ll find information on terminology, glass colors, bottle categories, approaches to valuation and much more. Appraised by Historic Glasshouse, this bitters bottle sold for ,000!Find out what your bottles are worth with our appraisal service. The styrofoam beads can also be used for making On April 1, 1929, my parents (Gottfried and Hermine Kipp) began bottling milk on a dairy farm near Chester, IL. The fill comes packaged in a plastic bag and shipped inside a corrugated box for easy handling.As a hobby, collecting antique bottles will be educational, fun, and enjoyable.