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Cyberstalkers may send repeated messages intended to threaten or harass their victim.

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Of course the Librarians save the day, and the town goes back to normal.Well as normal as small towns where people get locked into their own pizza ovens can an easily digested break from the hectic season.

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Though Carrie tries to warn Scott off, there are rules in the afterlife that prevent her from actively intervening.He met her at a 4400 Center press conference held in a local park while she was stealing food with a friend.Shawn stopped the security from taking them away since the food was free anyway.They're going to battle it out for the coveted title of America's #1 Psychic.In each episode, contestants must prove their abilities by participating in carefully designed tests like searching for a man hidden in a hospital, doing a reading for someone without knowing their identity, precisely identifying specific details of an investigation at a murder scene and much more.Cassandra (played by the ridiculously charming Lindy Booth) is the resident mathematician who has synesthesia and can link all of her senses, notices a pattern on the totaled car and the accident is ruled “death by troll who lives under the bridge.”Soon, other fairy tales characters start to appear and the Librarians and the Library’s caretaker Jenkins (John Larroquette) get down to figuring out what artifact is causing the Grimm scenes.