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A British woman and Pakistani man have been jailed for having consensual sex in the United Arab Emirates.

The pair met on Facebook and were in contact for three years before she flew to the UAE to stay with him for a week in 2016.

That’s when one tiger pounced, dragging the woman away.

A man and a second woman – the mother of the young lady who originally left the car – jumped out of the car to try to save her, and they did, according to local reports.

A Siberian tiger mauled a mom to death who was trying to rescue her daughter from another tiger’s claws, in a terrifying encounter caught on surveillance video at a wildlife park in China.

The deadly brush with nature happened at Badaling Wildlife World on the outskirts of Beijing on Saturday when a female passenger got into an argument with her travelling companions, prompting her to get out of the car and walk over to the driver’s side.

A source at the Department of Computer Crime of Dubai Police revealed to Emarat Al Youm that the department had received several complaints from extortion victims.

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The case of Charlotte Lewis, 25, from Palmers Green in London is testament to this.

And Roxanne Hillier, 22, the daughter of a British businessman, is serving a three-month sentence in neighbouring Sharjah after she was accused of sleeping with the boss of the dive shop where she worked.

Slovakian tourist Martina Stugiekoua described how she felt 'safe' with the level of protection in Dubai, and that if she found anyone taking photos of her or her friends, she 'would tell them to stop.'The police have re-iterated they have the power to seize and check through cameras and smartphones, and have encouraged any women who believe they have been photographed without permission to come forward.

“I was so happy with the chance I got that I naively walked into the trap.

He showed me an indecent video of a woman to convince me that he is indeed a woman,” he said.