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The island was in turn joined with the neighbouring island of Salsette to form Greater Bombay.

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We strive to provide support and networking opportunities, and training for organizations and community groups that provide domestic and sexual violence intervention/prevention services on the state, regional, and national levels.Another goal of MCADSV is to increase awareness and understanding of domestic and sexual violence, to address the concerns of survivors and to explore and support innovative policy approaches to issues related to domestic and sexual violence.Part of our philosophy is to eliminate all forms of oppression within the Coalition and in our members’ crisis centers and other programs.Also, the Coalition is committed to speaking out about the connections between domestic and sexual violence and other forms of oppression.Cost: Registration fee (may be waived) Address: 310 North 27th Street, Billings MT 59101 Phone: (406) 245-6470 Services: Provide full-time childcare services for children ages 3 months to 12 years. Cost: State-assisted, sliding fee scale, or full pay, depending upon eligibility. All aspects of service provided to you should be held in the strictest confidence, in accordance with legal and ethical practice.Address: 1620 Alderson Avenue, Suite 27, Billings, MT 59102 Phone: (406) 656-4370 or (406) 252-1020 Services: Debt counseling and guidance, debt management planning, credit reports, employee assistance programs, education for individuals and businesses Cost: Counseling fee if pre-approved. Psychological counseling is a unique relationship between the client and the counselor in which the client is provided with an environment for enhanced self-understanding.So, here's my question: After the deer season closes, does the hunting pressure drop off significantly? You're going to work hard for a "smashing success" with two young boys in elk country. Even if all you'll need is a cow, that might require a lot of work on public land. But in the end, making it more of a "western" experience will probably beat staying in a hotel and driving out to hunt every day, regardless of tags punched. There was a store and post office there when I was a kid.And does the area provide a good hunt for a cow elk? Access is difficult as much of the Sweet Grass Hills is private land. If it were me, I'd get a wall tent and put it up somewhere outside of Dillon. Last time I was out there, there was two houses left. I spent a lot of time in that North country, including the Hills. mtmuley The Hills have been our annual deer camp since I was a kid.

Standley appeared visibly deflated as the verdict was announced May 17 but he was not silent.Vet Center Victim Witness Program (each county) The Women's Resource Center-Advocacy and Safe Home Program Yellowstone County Council on Aging Young Families Early Head Start Program Youth Court Services - 13th Judicial District YWCA Anaconda (406) 563-7972 Billings (406) 259-8100 YWCA (crisis line, DV shelter, sexual assault) Boulder (406) 225-4075 Bozeman (406) 586-4111 (shelter) - (406) 586-3333 (sexual assault) - (406) 994-7069 (MSU Campus) Butte (406) 782-8511 Columbus (406) 446-2296 - (406) 425-2222 (crisis line) Conrad (800) 219-7336 Crow(406) 638-2957 Deer Lodge(406) 846-2711 Dillon(406) 683-3621 Glasgow(406) 228-8400 Glendive(406) 377-6477 - (406) 989-1318 (crisis line) Great Falls (406) 453-1018 (shelter) - (406) 453-4357 (sexual assault) Hamilton (406) 363-4600 Havre (406) 265-2222 Helena (406) 442-6800 - (406) 459-3254 (crisis advocate) Kalispell (406) 752-7273 Lame Deer (406) 477-6432 Lewistown 800) 535-2303 Libby (406) 293-3223 Livingston (406) 222-8154 (shelter) - 406) 222-2050 (victim witness) Malta (877) 972-3232 - (406) 654-5301 (Hospital) Miles City (406) 234-0542 - (406) 951-0475 (crisis line) Missoula (406) 542-1944 (shelter) - (406) 243-6559 (sexual assault) Pablo (888) 217-5637 code 083 Plentywood (877) 972-3232 Polson (800) 228-1038 Red Lodge (406) 446-2296 - 406) 425-2222 (crisis line) Roundup (406) 535-2303 Scobey (877) 972-3232 Sidney (406) 433-7421 Stanford (800) 535-2303 Superior (406) 822-4202 Phone: (406) 657-8778 Toll Free:1-800-762-8778 Hours: 24 hours Services: Registered nurses provide (by phone) immediate, personalized and confidential health care information, direction to community health programs and assistance in finding a doctor; medical assessments and referrals; answers the Elder Abuse and Child Abuse Hotlines; information conduit to law enforcement and service providers. Address: 360 North 23rd Street, Billings, MT 59101 Phone: (406) 657-3050 Services: Provides social and educational programs and companionship for people over 60 attending the Center.Provides classes on estate planning, nutritional information, health assessments, social security benefits and other recreational/educational programs. Box 908, Hardin, MT 59034 Phone: (406) 665-9720 Carbon County Attorney Address: P. Box 810, Red Lodge, MT 59068 Phone: (406) 446-3300 Golden Valley County Attorney Address: 107 Kemp St, Ryegate, MT 59074 Phone: (406) 568-2272 Musselshell County Attorney Address: 506 Main, Roundup, MT 59072 Phone: (406) 323-2230 Rosebud County Attorney Address: P. Box 69, Forsyth, Montana 59327 Phone: (406) 346-2236 Stillwater County Attorney Address: P. Box 1188, Columbus, MT 59019 Phone: (406) 322-4333 Sweet Grass County Attorney Address: P. Box 1368, Big Timber, MT 59011 Phone: (406) 932-4376 Treasure County Attorney Address: P. Box 72, Hysham, MT 59038 Phone: (406) 342-5546 Yellowstone County Attorney Address: P. Box 35025, Billings, MT 59107 Phone: (406) 256-2870 Check your local telephone directory yellow pages under "Counselors"; "Physicians (Psychiatry)".I'm thinking that not too many will want to head up there with only a cow elk as your legal quarry. We would be thrilled with an elk harvest of any kind. Elk can be difficult to find and when you do find first comment. I'd just love for my kids to have an enjoyable experience. Because I want my boys' introduction to Montana elk hunting to be a smashing success, I'm going to now hijack my own thread. Kids will enjoy staying in a tent with a wood stove and all of the fiddling around that comes with it. My dad's good friend from high school in Shelby has a ranch along the Canadian border and has always been very gracious about letting our family take some whitetails, muleys, antelope, birds and bunnies.I love the hills and have had some of my most memorable deer and antelope hunts there but have never chased elk around and don't often see elk when hunting other species up there. Punching a tag isn't necessarily the focal point, but you know... I'd love to give them the best chance possible to get into elk and enjoy their first experience. Regarding elk, my dad has shot 2 cows on the property, usually opening weekend.He turned to face prosecutors, special deputy county attorney Daniel Guzynski and Mary Cochenour.