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A “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” walkout was staged the same month by hundreds of Seattle high-schoolers. Early last fall, Emma Sulkowicz, then a student at Columbia, pledged to carry a mattress on campus daily to protest the school’s refusal to expel her alleged rapist.Banned Books Week emphasizes the freedom to express one's opinion even if that opinion might be considered unorthodox or unpopular.Raliance – be the generation that ends sexual violence.Raliance brought together a community of diverse activists whose stories have not been central to the movement and use this national space to elevate the visibility of these stories in order to eradicate gender-based violence.It also honors the importance of ensuring the availability of controversial viewpoints to anyone who wishes to read them. The freedom to read whatever one chooses, and to possess a full array of materials to choose from, is firmly rooted in the First Amendment.This year, the 28th annual Banned Books Week ran from Sept. Although we enjoy an increasing quantity and availability of information and reading material, we must remain vigilant to ensure that access to this material is preserved.

For example: The protest at Florida State University last fall, when students didn’t like the idea of having the Republican state politician John Thrasher as their school’s president and launched a campaign—#Slash Thrasher—against his candidacy.Contrast No Such Thing as Bad Publicity and Controversy-Proof Image.Raliance is a collaborative initiative dedicated to ending sexual violence in one generation.While the intent is commendable, it does more harm than good.Individuals may restrict what they themselves or their children read, but they must not call on public agencies to prevent others from reading or seeing that material. If this person is a cast member on a long-running TV show, the character will probably be Mc Leaned.